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The Adventures of Papachu and Dr. Kapatoo


When Disney Channel presented us with the opportunity to create several PSAs inspiring kids to eat healthy, we jumped at the chance to pitch! The process was like creating a mini-series-a 100% Fantoons Original under the Disney brand!.

Press & Social

We received outstanding press across the nation for this campaign. We were truly humbled to see our PSAs inspired people.

Initially, we brainstormed several ideas with differing levels of development, but “The Adventures of Dr. Kapatoo & Papachu.” inmediately resonated with everyone in the Fantoons focus group. The idea of doing three mini-musicals, each a distint music genres was pure awesomeness-and Disney executives loved it!.

Every episode had a child going through a relatable obstacle, and in classic Disney style, we end up singing to sort it out…but with hip-hop, blues and punk rock! It’s Disney with our own vibe of originality.

It’s amazing what fruit and veggies do for you, and when we researched we were all passionate about portraying all these wonderful properties that kids may not know.

These episodes were translated into multiple languages around the world-given their universal appeal. We are super proud of this, and hope you enjoyed them.


Beacause this was a series, we developed a bible of backstories for every recurrent character. At the time of scripting episodes, this aided everyone in understanding and keeping consistent themes for each story we pitched.

From a design standpoint, we looked at classic Disney and UPA cartoons from the 1950s, and the work of geniuses like Ward Kimball. We created our own spin and what came out felt timeless, with vibrant colors and hand-drawn characters that transcend eras.

For Dr. Kapatoo, we were looking for a design that made him stand out, and came up with this icon that morphed with his speech, much like the stickers used in messenger, they were used as jokes throughout the episodes.


Throughout the episodes we did 80% of the boards on pencil and paper with fixes done digitally. This is something we do constantly at the studio, blending old and new to come up with something that looks unique! The pencil drawings were filled with energy that only the real pencil can generate. It was inspiring! And the result speaks for itself.

Color Script

Analyzing and working with color is something we NEVER take for granted. A bad color choice in a short scene can ruin a gorgeous piece, failing its rhythm and overall story. We believe in story first, always allowing narrative to be the driving force artistically. We use colors to augment the effectiveness and emotion throughout the narrative. This helps us look at the composition in a single frame, ensuring every color aligns with the tone of the story.

A good color script can save days of production headaches. We never fail to do it.

Animation Techniques

For many of our animations we use ‘pose to pose’ techniques, all fully hand-drawn. Artists follow the flow of action, improvising new ways to express the character’s feelings, surprising the audience with each movement.

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