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Fantoons animation studio is a group of like-minded artists with a shared passion for animation, stories, and music. When you put all that together in a blender – you get a sweet drink, with tons of flavor, in a tiki mug.

Founded by David Calcano almost 10 years ago, his vision for the studio was simple: create content surrounding music, and tell compelling stories to make people happy. David gathered some of the best talent in the industry to combine music, books and animation, and celebrate all three art forms with unique stories. Fantoons focuses on the artist’s personal stories whether on the road, in the studio, or their personal journey, using sequential storytelling in the form of graphic novels or animated documentaries.

As a devoted music fan, Calcano wanted to create animation and books about his heroes. Fantoons’ first book launched with a Kickstarter campaign and ended with developing a working relationship with the legendary band RUSH. In 2020, Fantoons animated a new music video for their track “The Spirit Of Radio,” generating critical and fan acclaim worldwide, crossing the million-view mark in under a month and receiving the very prestigious ‘2021 Honoree for Video Animation’ at The Webby Awards

The studio’s animated work started with all the visuals for the band Mr. Big’s tour in Japan in 2016. Fantoons created a short that became the show opener for the tour, including a sold-out show at the famous venue Budokan. From there, Fantoons has gotten calls to work with Disney Channel on shorts, and with Universal Music to animate Christmas classics by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Chuck Berry, and many more.

Every video is treated like its own animated world, with its own unique style befitting the artist, and pleasing fans in every way. Fantoons create content not just as professionals, but as fans. One of the most rewarding collaborations has been working with the Frank Zappa estate creating almost 60 minutes of animation for the Bizarre World of Frank Zappa tour.

Fantoons creative works have received acclaim from Rolling Stone, The Guardian, PROG Magazine, and other notable press outlets. In 2019, after being an independent publisher for many years, and exhibiting at Comic-Con, Fantoons signed a distribution deal with Simon & Schuster, where their books featuring Alice Cooper, Motörhead, Johnny Ramone, RUSH, Ninja Sex Party, and it is sold and distributed across the globe.

“This studio started out of the love of being a music fan, to get more people listen and celebrate the artists we love. Every brushstroke in the studio is geared to make people happy and celebrate music…in every possible way.” —David Calcano

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