About Us


We live to create stories that bring people together, and become a meaningful part of their lives.

Fantoons is an Animation Studio and a Book Publisher based in the city of Los Angeles in sunny California. 

Co-Founded by David Calcano and Linda Otero, both Venezuelan immigrants with a big dream, they built a 360-degree studio with more tools than Batman’s own utility belt to swiftly deliver inspiring cross-platform content in-tune with the audience’s heartbeat to obtain results beyond expectations. 

We craft diverse stories built around a fresh point of view, each treated like its own animated world, with a unique style befitting the theme and where the story development drives the entire production. 

We have received acclaim from Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Univision, CNN, Sirius XM, PROG Magazine, and other notable press outlets. As well as, winning multiple awards. Today, Fantoons have accumulated over 100+ million views in their content across social platforms, and more than 100 thousand books sold and counting.

“This studio started out of the love of animation and music. Every brushstroke is geared to bring stories to life that celebrate diverse walks of life with relatable, and unique points of view. We continue to expand our reach towards brands, streamers, TV networks, gaming publishers and beyond” —David Calcano