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Nat King Cole

The Christmas Song


Nat King Cole is possibly the greatest singer of the last 100 years. His soothing and sweet voice can warm up a cold room with his charisma and incredible energy. Mr. Cole’s performances make people feel at home no matter where they are. This principle was the main driver for the story, art and rhythm of this music video. We want this to be a magical ride for everyone who watches. No matter what age.


Who doesn’t want to ride with Santa Claus? Right!? This was the starting point, it is a journey full of heart where the kids rescue a little injured dog that otherwise would be homeless. This captured the song’s and the spirit of Christmas in a simple but compelling story for 3 minutes.

Mr. Cole’s Estate and Universal Music loved the concept, and art direction right away.

The video has already accumulated over 40 million views across platforms, with thousands of incredibly beautiful comments from all over the world. Clearly people loved it too.

Art Direction

Christmas always sparks feelings of nostalgia, and “The Christmas Song” is possibly the greatest Christmas song of all-time. This was nerve-wracking to say the least! We created digital oil paintings for the backgrounds as if we are looking at vintage Christmas cards…and the animation is a combination of classic Disney with modern techniques.

The kids are inspired by those Disney traditions of making characters that feel alive and playful, but with an enormous drive and heart to carry this story.


Color Script